Tarot divination: Are you made for each other?

A couple is not always suitable for each other.  Sometimes in other people’s eyes, you are made for each other, and no one would fit you better than him or her. Sometimes, others would simply think that the feelings between you two are just not right, and sooner or later the two of you will break up. So are you a perfect match? Then let us follow the guidance of the Tarot card and use it to tell your future love by means of divination.

Now calm down, take three slow and deep breaths, then completely empty your mind. When you are ready, choose one out of the four cards above, perhaps this tarot prediction will give you the answer.

Choice A. Justice inversion

: You and him (or her) are absolutely perfect for each other, because you always have a very good taste in choosing your partner. You will never rush into a relationship just because of being anxious about your age. Anyway, you always want to find the one that makes you feel good. Besides, you are also very concerned about a person’s character, so the person you find must be the person that suits you best.

Choice B. Sun reversal

: You and him (or her) are quite match just on individual conditions. However, in the eyes of your relatives, the two of you are not that suitable. Your parents may think that his (or her) condition is not good enough, so they may set blocks in your relationship and even refuse to admit your relationship. But you are very firm about what kind of person you want, so you would always stick to it, and the final result will be good.

Choice C. Judging the right position

: You and him (or her) still need to go through more before you can be sure that he (or she) is the one. This is because you are a simple and easy person. If you like someone, you will take actions at once. But love is not the same as life. Although you love him (or her), you have to face the reality that there would be conflicts between the two of you.

Choose D. Abstinence the right position

: It is hard for you and him (or her) to keep a long-term relationship, and it is possible that the two of you will break up in a short time. This is because you don’t really love each other. In fact, the reason why you choose each other is because that your personal conditions are equally matched. Besides, you may think that it is time for you to get married, so you choose each other without hesitation. After getting along with each other for a while, you will find out that there are lots of differences between the two of you in your core values.

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