Zodiac constellations quiz: can you have good fortune in 2019? (result)

Quiz Results:

A, after hardships you will become better.

Life is too short. You will experience hardships in this life. If you overcome the difficulty, you will continue to grow up in misery. Become a person who can be independent and become a better person. After all the hardships, you will find that happiness in front of you is so sweet and must keep working hard.

B, suffering will slowly pass

Life in misery can’t beat you, you have a strong Willpower, and overcome the difficulties one by one. However, you have yet to face a wave of hardships. You should have faith that days of suffering will eventually pass, and the beautiful life is close. As long as you wait for a while, you can open the clouds and see the stars in the sky.

C, suffering will pass, happiness will come slowly

After you have suffered, you have to wait a long time to enjoy the sweetness, such sweetness is mostly just a small favor. Let people relax and comfort. Next, we have yet to face the troubles and difficulties that come one after another. However, in fact, it doesn’t matter anymore. Suffering grows with you and becomes your best friend. It can’t cause any trouble for you anymore.

D, suffering will pass, but sweetness will not come

Suffering makes people grow, and it also makes people depressed. The suffering you face is as plentiful as a wave. You will face difficulties all of this life. And even if these sufferings pass, you can’t enjoy a sweet life. The days are still the same. You only have a dull life, probably this is the true meaning of life.

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