Whether he can make you feel safe after married?

There is an old saying that goes: marriage is the tomb of love. The main cause of it is the obvious distinction of attitudes that your partner holds towards you before and after marriage. Can he make you feel safe after getting married? Just do a test and you will know the answer. Next let’s do a love test

  • For which reason will you choose to leave your company?

The low salary. →2

The bad welfare. →4

The heavy stress. →3

  • Will you buy all the things you like without hesitation?

Yes. →4

No. →3

It depends. →6

  • Which condition will you take into account when you are renting a room?

Environment. →4

Traffic conditions. →7

Price.  →5

  • Which will you choose to bring with you as a gift when going to someone’s house?

Fruits. →6

Milk. →7

Snacks. →8

  • Do you often forget a lot of things in details?

Yes. →7

No. →8

Sometimes. →6

  • What’s your requirement to choose the love of your life?

Consideration. → 9

Goodness. →7

Maturity. →10

  • What will you do at once when you receive your salary?

Have a good meal. →8

Buy something that you want. →10

Save it.→9

  • Do you do everything by yourself?

No. →9

Yes. →B

It depends. →10

  • Do you always need to worry about something?

No. →C

Yes. →A

It depends. →10

  1. Do you often go through some troubles with your lover over trifles?

Yes. →B

Generally yes. →C

No. →D

The answer of the Test :

  1. Too much to worry about

You take the burden of the whole family after getting married, so to speak.You have to worry about everything no matter it’s a big deal or small one. Your lover won’t share the family burden with you. He even thinks you tend to like complaining about all kinds of things to make a big deal. They cannot make you feel safe. We can say almost all of your uneasiness is from him.

  • Far from being reassuring

Your lover is a careless man. They are unable to take it seriously no matter what it  is, so it always turns out that you help them to deal with things because you are unable to be relieved to let them do it by themselves. You know you’ll become worried as soon as they are out of your sight.

  • Do things in your part

You needn’t to worry about too much of your family staffs, as your love alone r will handle it well. They are family-oriented and could be disciplined whether on life or emotion, so you can just do whatever you want. They can deal with everything.

  • Noting to worry about

Your lover totally becomes a man who is family-oriented after getting married, as to speak. They will come home on time whether they have a date or not. They will report their schedules to you even you don’t remind them to do so. They will make you to feel sufficient safe but sometimes you’re the one who makes it difficult for them to feel safe.

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