What makes the twelve constellations unable to fall in love?

Many people want to fall in love and then get married, but sometimes it feels that love becomes unreal, and can’t catch it. Some people can not fall in love because of several reasons. So what is the point of the twelve constellations? Take a look together.

Aries: See and love each other

Aries is not a suitable person for love, because they are playboys, do not want to be stable with someone for a long time, such a relationship will restrain them, make them feel uncomfortable.

Gemini (May 22-June 21) you are too career-minded

Gemini (May 22-June 21) Gemini’s is too careerist, and all they think about every day is how to get a promotion and achieve financial freedom as soon as possible. So they do not wish to fall in love at all, after all, their career is not successful and can not give others security.

Cancer: expect too much

Cancer can’t be in a relationship for a long time because they expect too much from their partner. A lot of time cancer won’t even give each other a chance to get started. They are preferring to stay single.

Leo (July 23-aug 22) you have too much personality

Leo is an individual with a lot of personality, and the love they want is very different. Therefore, Leo always finds fault with the relationship, and they won’t accept those who don’t meet their needs, so their relationship is very hard.

Virgo (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) you are obsessive-compulsive

Virgos are usually very neat, demanding both mentally and physically. Virgo can be picky about even the smallest things in everyday life.

Libra: poor

There is only one reason why libra falls in love, and that is poverty. If they don’t have any money and can’t afford to support themselves, they won’t have the luxury of a romantic relationship. Bread becomes even more important to them.

Scorpio (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22) you have a bad temper

Scorpio’s outward appearance is outstanding, a lot of time is often to attract the attention of the opposite gender, but eventually, they break up, because no one can stand Scorpio’s temper. They don’t care who they are fighting with, they just lose their temper.

Sagittarius (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) you are under pressure to learn

Sagittarius is a person who takes the study very important. Most of the time they are in the study, love is far away for them because they do not have the time and energy. When facing the pressure of study every day, they are not part of the mood for love.

Capricorn: parents object

Capricorn has been unable to love is not that they don’t like. But their every relationship will be opposed by their parents. Capricorn is more obedient to their parents’ words, but they don’t like their parents’ arrangements in their hearts, so the love road is difficult.

Aquarius: you can’t forget the former lover

Aquarius has been serious about their relationship for some time, but when they are hurt, they can’t let go of the past love, so this also led them to completely close themselves, and prevent others from approaching them.

Pisces: self-abasement

The reasons why Pisces can’t fall in love are because they are self-abasement, always lack of confidence in themselves feels that they are not good at anything, unworthy of others. So even if someone tells them, Pisces will be afraid to run away.

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