Who is your pistachio in 2019?

In life, we may be the pistachio of others. Of course, some people will become our pistachios. When we have pistachios, we will laugh more and more in our lives. So who is your pistachio in 2019? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s take a comprehensive test together!

At work, will you feel desperate because you are not satisfied?

A. often

B. occasionally

C. will not

D. not sure

A. In 2019, your partner is your pistachio

In 2019, love can bring you a lot of happiness, your pistachio is your partner, and your partner will help you when you feel sad. Your partner will make you feel that you are not working alone. You won’t feel lonely because of this kind of love. Your partner is always concerned about your mood.

B. In 2019, your colleague is your pistachio

Your colleague is your pistachio in 2019. You feel that your work environment is excellent this year, and the ease of working environment makes you improve your work efficiency. This year your work life is more enjoyable, and your feelings with colleagues are keeping better and better. Your colleagues are not only colleagues but also your friends in 2019.

C. In 2019, parents are your pistachios

Your parents will be your pistachio in 2019. When you are not satisfied, your parents are enlightened by you and giving you comfort. You really like the sense of security that your parents bring to you. You will tell everything with your parents. This year, you will get a lot of happiness from your parents. Your family is becoming more and more happy.

D. your pistachio is your own in 2019

In 2019, you will be able to bring yourself happy. Through your own efforts, you get everything you want, and happiness in life is getting more and more. After you are able to make yourself happy, your life will be less and less difficult. Even if the enormous difficulties arise, you can deal with it very well.

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